The CATIA environment is managed by the files are called CATSettings it is in these files are saved on the options you have posted in CATIA option editor, but also customizing your bars tools, custom colors etc … These files exist by default in CATIA you can keep them, but if you want to modify environment variables or record your CATSettings to work on another workstation, you ability to create folders and save your configuration files there.

To configure a custom CATSettings storage directory, we will use the CATIA tool «Environment Editor V5R20,” But we’ll start by creating a directory for storing our CATSettings:

Now we will run ” Environment Editor V5R20 ” Windows 7 right click on ” Start” and then All Programs> CATIA > Tools > Environment Editor V5R20:

Windows 8, you will find it in the applications page.
The following window will open:

In zone 1 the information on the storage directories of your CATSettings in Zone 2 while existing environments and zone 3 environment variables.

We will first change the default storage directory and starts with the global storage directory, Options> Global Storage Directory:

We select the previously created folder:

Can we change the user storage directory:

Once changed storage directory, click on Environments > New:

In the next window an environment name is selected (you can also leave the default), several options available, for example, I checked «Create a desktop icon ” and is validated by OK.

You can see a file with the name of the environment created was written into the new directory:

We select the created environment and can be seen in the lower window variables assigned to it and their values:

I select the «CATUserSettingPath» variable to indicate the load directory of my CATSettings:

Right-click on the variable, select «Edit»

It replaces the default directory path through our directory:

One closes the environment editor:

At this prompt, click “Yes” to save the changes:

Start CATIA with the executable that was created for the new environment: