The symbols files (* .sym )
These are “blocks” 2D to insert into shots taken eg symmetries of symbols, roughness … )
You can create symbols and reference the registration file of your symbols in the
– To reference the symbols that you create must be configured so that the CREO takes into account the folder where you will save your


The following window will open:

Frame 1; enter the word “pro_symbol” then click “Search.”
Part 2; select the “pro_symbol_dir” variable.
Part 3; select the directory where you will save your symbols.
Part 4; click “Add / Edit “and then “Close”
A prompt the following dialog box, click “Yes” to save the changes to your

To create or access the files in the model tree right click on a drawing sheet, and select “Custom Symbol”

Annotation Menu > Symbol:

The following window will open:

If you click on Browse to the directory that is referenced by the “pro_symbol_dir” variable:

It closes the window, to create a symbol you click New:

At the prompt below to enter a symbol names (no spaces) and confirm

A new window will open with a bar of sketching tools:

Once I select the sketch drawn Attribute:

In the left window is the investment options and the right window the symbol size options when inserting the symbol in a drawing.

Tab «Variable text” before using it will create a text symbol in the text below the A is inserted between two backslashes so as to have a variable text

In the Insert Symbol window you click on the «variable text»

In variable text I can change the variable part:


To change the symbol, Annotation> Symbol > List of symbols:

Redefine one click > Select instance, we select the symbol

Then selected attributes:

Variable text is selected and box enter multiple values below the A, then valid

Double click on the symbol to display the dialog box drawing symbolsYou can see the change in the variable text tab: