The search_path et search_path_file
This is the directory in which you work , it’s in the directory that you will put your CAD files ( prt , asm …), or you work with all your templates in a single directory, in which case you can select the menu ” File> Manage session ” then ” select the working directory ”

CREO only look for the models found in the working directory, if you have subdirectories or elements in other directories will not be charged ,
If you open an assembly and the parts that make parties are in another directory they will not be charged. If you are working models having elements in another directory , it will create ” search_path ”

example in the directory “asm” below I will open an assembly whose parts are in the directory ” ready ” , I will define my working directory in “asm”

In the red frame is shown the way to my working directory , I’ll open the 5297_001.asm assembly :

You can see below that the parts have not found summers by CREO

You can of course look for with the command “Recover missing components “:

But every time you open the assembly , it will retrieve the components, when you retrieve a component all the other located in the same directory will be loaded automatically .
To avoid this we will create a file containing ” search_path “, that is to say, the paths of the components that you want to open this file has the extension ” .pro “. For my example, it will contain two lines:

search_path E:\cao\Creo\affaire-01\asm

search_path E:\cao\Creo\affaire-01\prt

I named my Search file path ” “, the name does not matter the only rule is that it does not contain space.

Once this file is created it will not be necessary to close the assembly or restart CREO , to reflect the file containing the ” search_path ” go to ” File \ Options “

The following window will open,
Zone 1 : Select ” Configuration Editor ”
Zone 2: select “Import / Export”

Then: ” Import Configuration File”

Select the file containing the ” search_path ” then “Open”

Once opened the file is loaded into the CREO session , we can see the paths of research considered by CREO

Once validated, this window will appear :

This means that when you close CREO search paths indicated by the ” search_path ” will not be automatically taken into account by CREO will require mandatory reload as we have to. If you want to automatically load should be indicated in the in File> Options and then “Control Panel” is sought variable ” search_path_file ” is between the value of the variable for my example:

search_path_file E:\CAO\CREO\aff-01\
Following is closed in the configuration editor , and valid CREO is invited “Yes” and then save the :

Click on “Refresh “:

CREO will reload the models set errors before the creation of “search_path”