To configure the library in CREO (screws , 3D provider …) , we begin by creating a directory in which you copy your 3D models:

Then go to File > Options > Configuration Editor, select “search”

In the next dialog box under ” Enter keyword ” enter ” Library” and confirm by clicking search :

Select the variable ” pro_library_dir ” and in the ” Set Value ” Enter the path to the library, close the dialog and save the

In the ” shared folders” is selected Pro / Library, the directories of the library are displayed in the right window of CREO .

Arrived at this stage and based on system configurations , Windows 8.1 , Windows 7, XP or later will be different, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7, if I select a sub-directory I have access to all its contents :

Under XP if I select a sub-directory content will appear as empty :

To index the contents of directories in the library , I have two options either use the built- in executable CREO ” pro_build_library_ctg.exe ” or use the index.mnu files.

In the first solution we will use the executable integrated in CREO ” pro_build_library_ctg.exe ” This file is located in ” \ PTC \ Creo 3.0 \ F000 \ Common Files \ x86e_win64 \ obi ” , this method will also not create search_path

Before launching the executable, it will add the environment variable ” pro_library_dir ” to your system, right click on “My Computer ” / ” ownership” and “Systems Properties ” / ” environment variables”

Under ” User Variables” selecting “New …”

In case the variable name is written ” pro_library_dir ” and the value is written the way to the library, then valid.

Once validated the executable is launched ” pro_build_library_ctg.exe ” , once executed can be seen that a file has been created in the library directory :

You can start CREO , the library is configured

The library configuration using index.mnu force us to create files in addition to files index.mnu search_path .

The interest of index.mnu is to add descriptions to your library , but also to filter the directories you do not want to appear in the library.

For the elements ( parts, assemblies , sub directories … ) are displayed in the library of CREO must be created in each directory index.mnu a file in which we will reference elements to appear.

If I go back in the directory of my library , I create a file index.mnu .

The file structure should be as below :

Once you have created and configured file, if you select Pro / Library the library items appear:

The same is done for all sub directory

Finally , it will set up a search_path_file so that CREO can find the elements of the library , to configure search_path :

To facilitate the configuration of the library with index.mnu files, I made two VBA macros in Excel .

Creo - search and mnu.xls
Version: 1.0
50.0 KiB

Download the file and put it in the root of your library directory.

Then open it, then go to “View” and select ” Macros ” / ” Show Macros …”

The first Macros used to create the files index.mnu , the second is used to create a search_path with links to all the directories in your library.

If I run the macro indexes and search_path :