Setting File drawings: .dtl
This is the file that contains the settings for the set levels: orientation of view, dimension style…
To create a CREO drawing will load a default setting file, you can edit this file:

To edit the file dtl:

The following window will open :

Zone 1, to change the standard of tolerance if you click on “change” the choice of the standard will be displayed:

Zone 2 , to change details of the options ,the dimension style , views, styles, shading styles … will appear , click on “change” options of drawings will s ‘pin up

Window drawing options

In the rectangle 1 to load settings file, the options shown here are those of the open drawing, if you select Open (yellow folder) were able to load a “personalized” file

In the rectangle 2 the drawing options, opposite options current values of the options and the default values in the rectangle 3 green dots indicates if the option is valid.

An option is selected in the example I will change the display unit dimensions, for now they are in inches, once selected the option appears at the bottom in the red rectangle with its current value:

I select the new value:

Once selected, click on “Add / Edit”

After changing the options will be associated with the current file, if you open up another plan in the same session the units are in inches, to keep this option by default it will save these options in a new file .dtl

Once the file is saved it will reference it in the, for that you need to go to “File> Options” and then “Control Panel”

Click search :

Enter the keyword “drawing setup”

Select in the center window, and then click Browse to select the folder where you saved your file, then click «Add / Edit”

Quelques options pour le fichier dtl:

text_height: hauteur des textes de cotes

model_display_for_new_views: hidden line, gère l’affichage des vues à leurs créations. Ici les lignes seront cachées.

projection_type: first_angle ou third_angle gère les types de projections des vues first_angle (à l’européenne) vue de droite projetée à gauche…

arrow_style : filled gère le style des flèches des côtes

draw_arrow_length longueur des flèches de cotation

draw_arrow_width : largeur des flèches de cotation

default_draw_scale: échelle par défaut.