Configure boot options or define ” custom application settings .” Under the installation directory of Creo , in ” C: Program Files/PTC/Creo 3.0/F000/Parametric/bin ” looking for the file ” configure.exe “

Launch the application , double click Next:

Then click the ” Customize .. ” button

Click on the middle tab “Configuring the”:

Click “Add ”

Enter a name and a description of configuration , you can also license to run at startup Creo .

Cliquez sur OK :

The tab ” Shortcut ” will be used if you want to create a new shortcut on the desktop or the Start menu :

Confirm with the OK button and then the next window click Install :

Once the installation is complete confirm with the “Finish ” button :

Before going further it will be necessary to create a directory to install to the new file ” .” We return in the Creo installation directory and the directory is sought “BIN ” under ” PARAMETRIC ” home ” C: /Program Files/PTC/Creo 3.0/F000/Parametric/bin ” , normally in this directory there should be two new files with the name of the new configuration creates for me the files “client- 01.psf ” and ” customer – 01.bat ”

one that interests us is the file ” .psf ” , it opened with Notepad or Wordpad , it should look like this:

IT IS NOTHING IN KEY FILE SE (at least not on), we’ll just add a line at the very end of the file, this line will indicate the folder where is the configuration files whose ” ” we will customize later, this environment variable is added “HOME” , write ENV = HOME = ” the new directory ”

Recorded. And Creo launches , you should have this dialog :

For now we can start with any configuration since the new folder is empty Creo will start with the default options, run Creo then click Settings :

This is where we will choose our options for configuration:

I would about the options available again for the time we are interested in is the ” Configuration Editor” :

Click on “Configuration Editor” :

this is where we will configure Creo Options for paths file options such as .dtl and another you will find information ici, Other options for the definition is written to the right of the window, we will change the option units and masses , select the face of the option value:


Select ” unit_mm “

select the face value of the option ” pro_unit_mass ” and select ” unit_kilogram ”

Then click ” export configurations …”:

Save the file in the directory you specified in the file “client- 01.psf ”

That was in the saved file:

Creo Close and restart with the new configuration :

Return to “Settings” :

Then in “Control Panel” and voila the units and mass parameter are changed: