Color files: .scl

The syscol.scl file is the color configuration file Creo; he manages color appearance Creo (workspace …), colors 3D models and 2D … etc.

But you can set these colors as you want, for it is recorded a new set of colors in a file with an extension .scl

This file already exists with a default configuration to change the default settings:

Drop-down menu: File / Option

The options window will open, in the right window you select ‘ System Colors ‘ color options will be displayed in the left window, you select Chart

Below the Graphics option available:

Before changing the original file can save it in an easily accessible directory for that click on ” Export’

Once saved, you can change the color options once made are recorded in the same way by renaming the configuration so as to have the ability to recharge the original copy.To load a custom color file, in the Color Palette tab, select ‘ Custom ‘:

Then ‘’ Browse ”:

Select the custom file and ” Open ”

In order not to have to load each session, we will reference it in the menu: File / Option:
1) Configuration Editor
2) Search

Zone 1: enter the keyword ‘ colors’
Zone 2: click on ” Search ”
Zone 3: select «system_colors_file»
Zone 4: Browse, select the custom color file.
Zone 5: click on «Add / Edit»

Then save your