The BOM setting file. (* .fmt )

This file is used to set the output format of the classification of an assembly in CREO .

By default there is already a formatting this file, it is in the installation directory of Creo ‘ Common Files \ text \ format.bft ‘ , what interests us is the ability to insert parameters custom (matter , mass, vendor specification … )

1) Edit a * .fmt or create it with a text editor (ex Notepad) 2) Create a folder and put the * .fmt . 3) Configure that takes into account the CREO .fmt .


BOM configuration files:

By default there is already a format that file, what interests us is the ability to insert custom settings there (matter, mass, vendor specification …)

I open an assembly:

I edit the default nomenclature:

For this example I will leave the default “Up” I did not sub assembly, you can make a schedule including all levels of this assembly.

Below nomenclature with the default settings, the top window will bring up assemblies and subassemblies (if you chose the subassembly option) if parts are common to several sub-assemblies they will appear in their respective subassemblies. In the bottom window is the summary of all the parts of the assembly and sub- assemblies, if parts are parts of several subassemblies they will not appear duplicated only their quantities will be incremented

To customize the configuration file of the nomenclature in order to edit a BOM with custom settings, We must first edit * .fmt or create it with a text editor (ex Notepad) and save it with the extension .fmt then configure the for Creo takes into account your file not the default ( If you can not configure this file see chapter on ) , to summarize:

In “File / Options” , Open editor configuration window of the search options will open, enter in zone 1 the word ‘ bom ‘ ‘and start the search, in zone 2 the result of the search with the word “bom” click on the line , in zone 3 enter the path to the file and .bom in Area 4 click ‘ Add / Edit ” close the window

If I generate a BOM with my bom file:

My file I added NOMINATION column, this column displays the parameter that I created in the rooms.

If I edit my file:

Detail this file:

Top default parameter “.breakdown” not to delete one, it is an internal parameter to CREO. If you do not want to display the BOM assembly by tree but just the summary of the parts constituting the assembly will need to remove the lines “.summary”, like this:

The line “.summary” not to remove only you as the example above removes the lines “summary” and all lines below “.summary ”:

This way you will edit only the nomenclature tree assembly.

If I compare the nomenclature edited with my .fmt and nomenclature generated with this:

In red lines below “.breakdown” will be the assembly tree, type and % $ % $ name are Creo parameters, the model type, respectively (here an assembly) and the model name is -to say the name of the CAD file, as a result of these two parameters you can specify other parameters created in the assembly or CREO settings and text (here the text “contains”’) CREO parameters are preceded by signs “% $” custom settings

Blue parameters that will be referenced in the nomenclature, “Row” is a line of nomenclature in which one or more columns can be created here for each part or assembly part of the head assembly, I have a column for the name (% $ name) one for the amount (% $ quantity), one for the appointment (custom setting ”% designation ”)

Green and yellow are the nomenclature related summary of parts of the assembly