The first time you open a workspace, the configuration of the toolbars is managed by default, and here I opened the “Product” workshop, if we zoom on the red rectangle in the lower right:

We can distinguish two small horizontal and vertical arrows indicate the arrow that there are toolbars that are hidden, if we keep the mouse over the small bar vis-à-vis these arrows can slide it workspace the hidden toolbars:

To customize the toolbars:
Right click is made on the toolbars and select «Customize …»

If the choices are grayed bars, it will uncheck the bar locking option of tools:

In the rectangle you uncheck “Lock …”

Once unlocked toolbars is chosen to show or hide:

Depending on the available space on the right and bottom of the workspace toolbars you want to add perhaps will not be visible at the point where the two small arrows located (see above), using the mouse we will drag the toolbar to the desired location, below one I run a toolbar to the top edge:

As soon as I approached the edge enough my toolbar will be «magnetized» and will be positioned horizontally:

I release the mouse and my toolbar is positioned on the banner at the top, once positioned you can drag it from left to right:

Once the tool correctly positioned bar, do a right -click on a toolbar and selecting “Customize …” and you check “Lock …” In order that the toolbars do not change position during the workshop changes.

So I set my positions and toolbars display for space “Product”:

If I open a workspace “Part” my toolbars to this workspace are not yet configured:

The same exercise is redone in this workshop:

You must configure the toolbars for all workspaces (Part , Product … )

Once the workspaces configured it may toolbars of a workspace appear in another workspace already configured but not ranked as desired , it is often common tool bar with two spaces, only if you want them in a single space , open the workspace concerned and hide there ( you ‘ll have to do that once the manipulation ).

In the directory copy your custom configurations CATSETTING and save them in another directory so you can