To add threads and threads in CATIA, you can edit the files located under the directory ” \ Dassaut Systemes \ B20 \ win_b64 \ reffiles \ standard ” in my version of CATIA there are two files that define the threads the ” MetricThickPitch.txt ” file and the ” MetricThinPitch.txt ” file, you can edit it either with or NOTEPAD WORDPAD but it is best to edit it with Excel, you open Excel and drag the file into the sheet EXCEL.

Then it will do is to add lines to the threads , or save the file under a different name and replace the existing values ​​to create another thread file for trapezoidal threads for example.

But it will be complicated if like me the record of these files is locked by the administrator, or if you want to put these common resource files.

Note: To edit the files needed to manipulate described below will need to ensure that it is not in a read-only directory if it is not the case you will need to create another one and save it your CATTSETTINGS , if you do not know how , follow this link )

To solve this problem, you can follow the handling to below,

First create a directory (the name does not matter), and in that directory a subdirectory “standard” in the subdirectory you would put it the new definition files threads, this is not the worth putting the default CATIA in the manipulation we will do will be taken into account.

Then edit the file in your environment , Windows 7 right click on ” Start” and then All Programs> CATIA > Tools > Environment Editor V5R20

Find the line of the variable ” CATReffilesPath ” is the environment variable that indicates the path of CATIA reference standard .

I select the variable «CATReffilesPath» and then edit

Between “CATReffilesPath =” and “C : \ Program Files \ Dassault Systemes \ B20 \ win_b64 \ reffiles” , I add the directory path in which is the new definition files threads , for me it will be : “E: \ CAD \ Catia \ CATIA \ config \ env-01 \ standard ; (do not forget the “;”)”

I do not erase the original line so as CATIA find the default files and other configuration files including files that manage the language of CATIA menus.

Save the file and start CATIA, if I select the «Hole»

In the red rectangle CATIA threads standards in the blue rectangle my standards.