Configuration files for setting named STANDARD drawings are by default: \ Dassault Systemes \ B20 \ win_b64 \ resources \ standard.

If we want to pool configuration files and save them in a custom directory and modify or create multiple configurations, it will be CATIA administrator mode

If you are not admin CATIA procedure here if you do not have the rights handwriting on directories it will create a CATIA new environment

Directory in your environment must be created a folder structure and subfolders (picture below) the name of the standard repertoire does not matter against the will of identical subdirectories to original directories or «drafting “and “generativeparameters»

Then it will edit your environment configuration file or by the configuration editor or open the text file for your environment:

Search the variable CATCollectionStandard and change its value by way of your standard repertoire is my example:

StandardCATCollectionStandard=C: \ProgramData\DassaultSystemes\jplecam-env\standard

Save the file and open CATIA, and select Tools> Standards, change display views options and select «Save as a new file»

Select the directory created earlier, and store your custom file:

Then select «drafting» to change the options:

Then saves it in the directory created above drafting:

I create a drawing File > New> Drawing in the dropdown tab of the dialog I select the standards that we just recorded:

Once focused plan «for advanced face», I now have access to view display configurations, I have access to the recorded above file:

To select or change a display configuration views, icon «for advanced face», it will change the options in CATIA, and CATIA before changing options such configurations are not available:

To change the CATIA options, Tools> Options > Drafting > Tab “Administration” you uncheck the «Prohibit use of generative view style»

Implementation plan «for advanced face», I now have access to view display configurations: