In addition CATSettings , we have the ability to save options while creating a snapshot , these pictures are actually scripts files will be saved in a directory , once created this picture we can recover the saved options by running the scripts via order Macros > Run.

To create a snapshot of options, Tools> Options menu and then select the icon in the red circle:

In the window that appears you select the directory where you will save the snapshots of the options and the options that you want to save, that is to say either a single tab or all tabs option particular:

We can see in the backup directory of snapshots options, the files that are .catvbs CATIA script files:

To retrieve the saved values ​​from a cliché, Tools> Macro> Macros:

Then in the next window you select the command «Select …»

We open the folder where you saved the shots of the options in «file types» is chosen “MS VBScript Files (* catvbs) “, the cliché is selected to recover and then “Open»,

Then click on “Run”, once done can be checked the options have changed