To create a toolbar with a shortcut to macros, right click on the menu bar and then “customize”

In the next window, the tab is selected «Toolbars» and then «New … »

We give a name to our new toolbar, then validates with “OK”:

The new toolbar is created:

For now it is empty, we will create shortcuts to control our macro, we select the tab “Controls” and then in the left window you select “Macros» macro commands appear in the right window:

A macro is selected and displays the macro properties:

In the “Title” box I change the default name of the macro, in my example I renamed it “White” because this macro will change the color of CATIA wallpaper white:

To choose an icon for my macro, I select the “…” button (if I have custom icons I would choose them with the «yellow folder» button :

I choose an icon and I click “Close” :

Once selected, the icon appears in front of the command “Icon”

In the right window I select the macro «White” and I slid into my toolbar:

My macro is now visible on my toolbar:

I start with my second macro that I call “Blue” :

I place my toolbar in the menu bar: