New component insertion.

Tools> New Component:

What is it ?

It is used to insert a sub assembly “virtual” in a head assembly , it is virtual because it does not exist as a file “.CATProduct” it will exist only in the assembly in which it is created, this sub assembly will not appear in the list but the pieces in this subassembly will be in the nomenclature.

The advantage of creating a new component is to copy / paste groups of pieces constraints between them that many times we will find in the head assembly, or that we will export it to another assembly by copy / paste

Exemple ci-dessous:

I created a new component ” jack screws M20x150 ” in this sub-assembly I inserted a threaded rod , 4 nuts and 4 washers , these elements are forced together in this virtual assembly and I tied this sub -assembly in the head assembly .

I can copy this subassembly as many times as necessary and each change in this sub -assembly will be carried forward in all subassemblies .

I can also copy this subassembly in another assembly, for that I would use the command ” Paste Special …” and “Breaking dependency links”

Résultat :

Attention this subassembly is independent of the original sub-assembly.