Add 3D text on 3D models of CATIA, this can be done by inserting a text from a DWG or DXF file , for both formats to have unnecessary software such as AutoCAD ( which produces native files . dwg) you can simply write your text on a CATIA drawing , and then save it in one of the formats listed above .

The text overlay in 3D CAD models serves me (among others) to make set plans nameplates for machines .

Of course we can write directly on the drawing of the part concerned , but the advantage of having it on the 3D part is that the designer who opens a model can immediately see that this identification to this without opening the drawing .

To superimpose text on a 3D CAD model:

To create an extruded text on a part :
Create a drawing , and with the tool and write a text TEXT


Save plan * .DXF or * .DWG :


Open a room, then the * .DXF or * .DWG with CATIA :
File / Open :



Above the * .DXF file is open, you will notice that the text style to change the letter are recessed .
Select text:


Copy , go back into the room and create a sketch and then paste the text:


Extrude text:


It can also be a text cut in the part.