Create a chassis with powercopies , I often use this feature to create mechanically welded chassis when I do not have a metal construction License


The goal is to build a structure in a room using a parts body structural elements , but not having to draw each sketch profiles or avoid copy / paste the parts of the body and reposition the sketches , which can quickly become very complicated if we have to make a large number of elements.

Powercopies are parts .CATPart the format in which it will set the functions you want to export. Example, in square tube 100x100x3 , to serve me its geometry in another room I will take part in reference body called here ” Square tube” , inside this room I body set the volume of the profile and relations and internal references to the construction of the section, by integrating these functions in the body part to export this will allow me during insertion of the optimized copy in a room, to integrate these functions directly in the part of the body to create, positioning references (‘ ‘ Set géométrique.2 ‘) will not be copied will be in the


When the function is selected ‘ PowerCopies ‘ top of the tree pattern defining the copy window will open, in the left window functions that will be copied into the destination room and left references that will have to select to insert the Power Copy.

The tab is selected ‘ inputs ‘ , here you can see the explicit entries are required , a guide to position the right tube , two planes that will limit the profile to its length and orientation plan .


The first step will therefore be to create the references in the play destination, it will draw a skeleton that will represent the wire frame and the limits required for plans and angular positioning of the optimized copy example below , the lines used for the reference ‘ right guide ‘ ‘ plans ‘ ‘ 1-2 ‘ and ‘ 3-4 ‘ for extrusion limit of plans and shot


Frame Construction :

In the dropdown menu ‘ Insert ‘ ” ‘ Instantiate From Document ‘

Select a profile and click Open

The following window will open :

 At the prompt ”Right guide” select one of the lines of the skeleton :

Then the first extrusion limit plan:

The second extrusion limit plan:

Selecting the orientation plane :

Click preview if the position should confirm with ‘ OK ‘ , and then repeat the process on the other three lines

Redefine angles :

We will have to redefine the corners of the frame, here I have already created a plane at 45 ° , it will serve me to redefine the extrusion of tubes.

Double click on the first ‘ Extrusion ‘ , for that tube is the first limit that will have to change (indicated in green in the CAD model):

Once selected you can see a preview in orange wire , confirm with ‘ OK ‘



Do the same for the second tube and the other three corners , result:



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135.1 KiB