CATDUA CATIA is an integrated utility, it is used to ” clean ” CAD files of all links seemingly deleted but still exist in the files , these links are called ” ghost links ‘ they may cause various errors loading and saving CAD models, reference error or files not found ” in the case of deleting files . ”

Below is an example of an error message when opening a drawing , this message indicates me part numbers in a directory on S while the drawing is a directory C:

If I make a CATDUA this assembly, we can see in the red frame parts with a path on S différentdu path parts in green frames that they are on C:

I open the drawing used for the drawing and analysis , first I check the links used by the drawing:

Then the pointed documents :

At this stage there is nothing wrong with the pointed documents and links are correct.

I open the assembly and analysis to check the paths of the parts that make up the assembly and we can verify that all paths correspond to a directory on the C: drive

At the opening of my set design I have to deal with ghosts links , generally have pieces that at a given time were part of the assembly or they are links that point to an old directory .

I close the assembly and drawing and I run CATDUA for the implementation plan including the pointed elements can be seen in the red frame piece that causes a problem.

For this kind of error in principle CATDUA what happens in several stages:
First step: Launches CATDUA
Second stage: the drawing is opened and assembly are regenerated , it saves everything is closed .
Third step: a stimulus CATDUA , if errors still appear in the error report the process is repeated.

This is what I did on this example, we can see the window below that ghost parts have disappeared

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