Switch to Administrator Mode that will allow you to be able to configure CATIA according to your needs , you can customize your set level, the standards used …
The first step is to check whether the default directory of your configurations is not read-only, to locate one right click on CATIA launch icon and selecting ‘’Properties’’ path shown in ‘’target’’:

Corporate directory name is often identical to the login session if this is not the case, or if you do not want to overwrite the existing configurations you can create a directory, the location of the new directory has no importance, copy the path to this directory.
In this directory there must be a file: ‘’CATIA.V5R20.B20.txt ‘’ if he is not copy it from the default directory.After creating, copy / paste from CATIA launch icon :

Right-click the new launch icon, copy the line of the target box, it should look like this:

For now, the part that interests us is that outlined in red, is the way in non- admin start:

In my example: ‘’C: \ ProgramData \ DassaultSystemes \ jlecam’’
Replace that part of the directory path created earlier, for me it will:

‘’C: \ ProgramData \ DassaultSystemes \ adminjp’’
Note: you must leave the quotes
Then there must be written (red box) -run « CNEXT.exe » -env CATIA.V5R20.B20 -direnv

Behind « CNEXT.exe » -admin is added, which gives :

Is validated by ‘’ Apply’’, we start with CATIA launch icon ‘’admin’’ message should appear:

Edit the file ‘’ CATIA.V5R20.B20.txt’’:
Tell the variable ‘’CATReferenceSettingPath =’’the path to your directory and save it. (We will see later what the other variables are)

Start CATIA Admin mode, this message should appear:

That’s it we’re in Administrator mode CATIA is checked by going to options ’’Tools’’ ‘’Options ‘‘:

The options are unlocked; you can see the padlock ‘’icon green’’ open position.

Going back into the created directory, we can see that new files have been created; we will see later what these files…

CATIA V5R20 - Sart ADMIN.pdf
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